Appraisal Reports & Plans

Summary Appraisal Report

Value Certification

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2019 Top 10 Taxpayers by Jurisdiction

Annual Reports

Biennial Reappraisal Plans

According to Section 6.05(i) of the Property Tax Code, the district is required to hold public hearings and adopt a reappraisal plan by resolution before September 15 of even numbered years.  The plan must list in detail the district’s intentions regarding the reappraisal of property within the district over the following biennial period.

State Oversight Reports

Property Value Study

Tax Code Section 5.10 requires the Comptroller’s office to measure appraisal district performance at least once every two years and to publish the results. PTAD measures the level and uniformity of property tax appraisals using data collected in the school district PVS.  The results of the PVS can affect a school district’s state funding. The Commissioner of Education uses the PVS results to ensure equitable distribution of education funds so school districts have roughly the same number of dollars to spend per student, regardless of the school district’s property wealth.

Methods and Assistance Program Review

Tax Code Section 5.102 requires the Comptroller of Public Accounts to review each appraisal district’s governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures and appraisal standards, procedures and methodology at least once every two years.